Hi, my name is Felix and I am the founder of the Super Achiever Club.

As this page is still under construction and will soon represent our team, today I will tell you a little bit about my story, my WHY, the vision & mission of the project, and how it can help you. So let’s dive in!

Our Mission: Collecting all the most important, foundational information in the areas of health, wealth and social life from the most trustworthy and high-quality sources and providing them in an easy-to-digest fashion to the future generation of super achievers.

Our Vision: Providing the future generation of super achievers with all the information they need to know to get a head start, avoid wasting time and achieve more than we did.

Felix Hesse founder of Super Achiever Club

How the Foundation of Super Achiever Club Was Laid

My Health Journey

While luckily growing up in a pretty wealthy part of this world (eastern Germany) and maybe the most beautiful one. I was facing a lot of trouble with health-related and social issues early on.

After several surgeries and a pretty much destroyed immune system, I found myself on a long road to restoring my health.

Since everything the doctors were suggesting failed I finally tried fitness, weightlifting, cardio, eating healthy, supplements and everything around that topic. I watched thousands of videos, read thousands of articles & studies, studied courses and tried most things on myself.

The results came slowly but progressed as my knowledge stacked up until finally reaching a point where my health is off better than most guys my age.

And as you’ll see in a sec, even my mental strength & health benefitted from it…


Picture: My home village on a beautiful summer day

My Social Journey

My social journey starts in a pretty decent place. I was treated really well as a kid by my parents. I had nice grandparents and a strong family background.

It only happened to be after my parents split up and we moved from a small village to the city, that my social circle broke completely.

As a naturally introverted child I had my problems finding friends again but when I started getting bullied shit really started to decline rapidly. I still remember waking up in the morning and shaking already in bed because I had so much fear of what’s going to happen today. And to make things worse, at the same time I had 2 surgeries where I nearly died because of a mistake by the surgeon.

My physical & mental health was that bad that I couldn’t probably defend myself. And still one day I came to a point where I felt there is no choice anymore – either I will kill my bullies or I will kill myself. (spoiler: I did not kill anyone) But for the first time in my life I stood up for myself. The small loser boy was able to win a fight against the biggest, most trained guy in the room.

But the damage was done already… Due to the bullying nobody wanted to be my friend and I had drowned myself in video games to run from my harsh reality. I got addicted. An addiction that would last until meeting my first girlfriend several years later. The combination of my natural introvertedness, the bullying and the video game addiction destroyed my social abilities to an extend that I was unable … to live, basically.

No girlfriend, basically no friends, bad relationship with my family, even unable to talk to the fucking fries vendor because of my social anxiety. It was only then, when a guy from my school asked me if we would hit the gym together that a slow process of opening up to the world begun again. He is my best friend to this day.

And as I got older, I realized that with my current social behaviour I was unable to reach anything remarkable in life. I would stay poor, mostly lonely and wouldn’t have a chance to get any decent girls. So I fought the most painful fight of my life.

I left my comfort zone countless times, got thousands of rejections, consumed massive amounts of content and finally got to a point where I knew I could have anything in life. Which brings us to the 3. chapter…

Picture: Me being cool.


Well well well, lucky me, you could say. Growing up in a country like Germany is a golden ticket to becoming wealthy 1 day and I must say you’re mostly true.

The constant exposure to technology is what made me but also what destroyed me. If nobody teaches you how to use tech to your advantage but rather play all day and waste your life time then it can be very toxic.

That said, I could not always eat what I want, but we always had enough food to not starve. Always had shelter. A bad (in my opinion) but free basic education system.

But seeing my mother struggling to take care of me and my sister. Doing jobs I hated. And never being able to afford the things I really wanted made me realize at a young age that there had to be another way.

Me when I was a Child

In 2008 (when I was 11 years old) I started my first of many Youtube channels, later tried trading bitcoin, selling USB devices on ebay, selling Yugioh cards and much more. But it wasn’t until 2021 when the majority of my income finally came from my businesses.

I switched biz models way too often, tried everything, paid multiple 5 figures for courses and collecting experiences.

At the end I found my place with SEO, building websites, online shops and creating videos. But this should only be the beginning…

How ‘Super Achiever Club’ Was Born

Now this is where it all comes together. You read it all… after this much suffering and so many years of struggling to get my life on track, I finally saw the main problem, the root of all evil.

There are 3 main areas in life that everyone needs to get fixed to live happy and fulfilled – health, wealth and social life. But literally, nobody learns about these 3 most important topics in school.

And even if someone figures out that there are other ways to acquire this unbelievably important knowledge, he still has to dig up all this information from every corner of the web. Which takes ages and makes everything so much harder.

And that’s why I decided to make this my life’s work.

To gather all the knowledge to fix your life as soon as possible, allow you to be happy and focus on what you can change in the world. Because everyone can be a Super Achiever. It’s only a question of applying the right systems to your life.